How to Appreciate The Story of Your Character

Sometimes it can be hard for actors to fully revel in their character's story, here's some insight to appreciating the story of your character.


Culture. Where You Can Find The Greatest Stories

Noah Snyder The world has countless stories to tell, and each of the world’s cultures create their own legends, myths and tales. Sadly in this day and age where movies and shows have become one of the main forms of storytelling, few of these tales get to be told in a medium that is appealing … Continue reading Culture. Where You Can Find The Greatest Stories

Gavin Hood – Practical Advice and Inspiration from Eye In The Sky Director

Gavin Hood is climbing the ranks in the film industry, having directed some popular movies with tenacious morale. I first noticed him after watching Eye in the Sky, which is about the disputes of modern warfare. I was thoroughly impressed. I don’t remember the last time I was on the edge of my seat for … Continue reading Gavin Hood – Practical Advice and Inspiration from Eye In The Sky Director

Spotlight on Botswana: revealing a ‘scandalous’ love story

David Oyelowo, Rosamund Pike and Amma Asante - how can that combination go wrong? A UNITED KINGDOM is based on the true story of the 'scandalous' love between an Prince Seretse Khama and an English typist Ruth Williams that neither of them gave up on. A true inspiration!

Getting to know you

Written by Annette Lange.   “Creating a character is like getting to know a person.” I remember Marion Cotillard saying this in one of her interviews. She briefly mentioned it before she continued to answer other questions, but that statement stuck with me – as if the penny dropped for the first time. And it’s … Continue reading Getting to know you

Jack Sparrow & Me

Written by Connor Campbell. Every filmmaker has those films that inspired them to pursue their dream and make films of their own. I am no different. But looking back on these films, I noticed a distinct pattern and discovered a connection between the films that inspired me and the stories I now create. When I … Continue reading Jack Sparrow & Me