Continuity is Important: How to Keep it Consistent

Are you an independent filmmaker making your first movie? Educate yourself on the importance of having a script supervisor on your film crew.  


How to Appreciate The Story of Your Character

Sometimes it can be hard for actors to fully revel in their character's story, here's some insight to appreciating the story of your character.

7 Steps on how to put together a self tape

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong way to put together a self tape. There are only tools to help give your tape an edge over others and the biggest of those is — be yourself.

The Movie That Was To Be Poison At The Box Office

Written by Annette Lange. If you want to know how to make movies, be sure to look at Michael Haneke’s work for inspiration in terms of affecting and capturing your audience through your film. “How do you handle the suffering of a family member? What do you do when you stand helplessly and observe the … Continue reading The Movie That Was To Be Poison At The Box Office