Gavin Hood – Practical Advice and Inspiration from Eye In The Sky Director

Gavin Hood is climbing the ranks in the film industry, having directed some popular movies with tenacious morale. I first noticed him after watching Eye in the Sky, which is about the disputes of modern warfare. I was thoroughly impressed. I don’t remember the last time I was on the edge of my seat for … Continue reading Gavin Hood – Practical Advice and Inspiration from Eye In The Sky Director


Aliens: Screenwriting Principles From a Perfect Film

Written by Brenden Bell. *********THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE 1989 FILM ALIENS************ If you’ve listened to me talk about movies, you know how much I love James Cameron’s Aliens. I gush over it endlessly, describing in detail the first time I watched it; sitting on the edge of my sofa, yelling at the … Continue reading Aliens: Screenwriting Principles From a Perfect Film


To kick off my film school experience back in 2012, all of the students and the staff of the school went to see The Dark Knight Rises at the theatre. On our way back from the theatre, we started talking about why superhero films are so popular, and it made me think why we are … Continue reading WHY WE NEED HEROES

Hello Ladies!!

Last time we met the most recent male additions to our staff team here at the Initiative Production Company, and this time we get to meet the female additions to our team.   Hailing from all over the world Annette Lange (South Africa), Connor Sassmannshausen (USA), and Stephanie Kirouac (Canada), they all have brought their … Continue reading Hello Ladies!!

Meet Us

Recently We had 6 people, 3 Men and 3 women from all around the world join our team here at the Initiative Production Company so I, Matthew Schmidt, being an inquisitive  people person, thought I would take it upon myself to interview them so you all could get to know them a bit better.   … Continue reading Meet Us

Editing For Dummies

written by Brenden Bell Editing was not something I went into my film school excited to learn about. I thought of it as that thing you had to do in order to complete your movie and not much else.   Imagine my surprise when my instructor informed us all that the edit was your last … Continue reading Editing For Dummies

Visual Metaphor’s

Metaphor: \met-uh-fawr\ “A thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else” Here at the SDF/SAS we believe in the power of the image. Film, unlike almost any other medium, has the ability to take an idea and express it visually. This is called visual storytelling. This can come across in the composition of a … Continue reading Visual Metaphor’s