Check Your Heart: How Do You Celebrate The Victory Of Others?

Always be on guard against jealousy which can be detrimental to not only your career as actors, but to your heart as well.


Wonder Woman: More Than a Feminist Icon

Motivated by compassion and love is Diana of Themyscira, the Wonder Woman who is the latest superhero to grace our cinema screens. We all know her as the powerful goddess who answers to no man and seeks to defeat Ares, the god of war, thus saving humanity and making it pure again. If only it … Continue reading Wonder Woman: More Than a Feminist Icon

How to Get Away With Murder… Filming in Public

By Greg Garofalo So you’re an independent filmmaker and you’re ready to take on the big city and shoot your film in a large city or out in public for added realism. Things are going well, you’re on schedule for once, your actors know their lines. The stars have aligned. You’re just about to call … Continue reading How to Get Away With Murder… Filming in Public

Spotlight on Botswana: revealing a ‘scandalous’ love story

David Oyelowo, Rosamund Pike and Amma Asante - how can that combination go wrong? A UNITED KINGDOM is based on the true story of the 'scandalous' love between an Prince Seretse Khama and an English typist Ruth Williams that neither of them gave up on. A true inspiration!

Getting to know you

Written by Annette Lange.   “Creating a character is like getting to know a person.” I remember Marion Cotillard saying this in one of her interviews. She briefly mentioned it before she continued to answer other questions, but that statement stuck with me – as if the penny dropped for the first time. And it’s … Continue reading Getting to know you