True Grip: How to Stand Out on an Independent Film Set

Are you a grip on an independent film? It doesn't matter if it's on a short or feature film, an original narrative piece or documentary: being a grip is a incredible job that allows you to be creative and active.


2016 Student Confessionals: Orientation

YWAM Brisbane's film and acting students experience their first week. In this week's episode meet the cast of characters as they talk about their expectations for the School Digital Filmmaking and the School of Acting for the Screen. These episodes are a great resource for anyone thinking of taking the schools because you hear exactly … Continue reading 2016 Student Confessionals: Orientation

Acting as a Form of Intercession

written by Josias Jensen   Two years ago, I was on set taking a brief break from a scene. I was staring into the beautiful blend of colors from the sunset and a thunderstorm looming in the distance. The weather somehow managed to reflect what was going on in my mind. It was both filled … Continue reading Acting as a Form of Intercession

Editing For Dummies

written by Brenden Bell Editing was not something I went into my film school excited to learn about. I thought of it as that thing you had to do in order to complete your movie and not much else.   Imagine my surprise when my instructor informed us all that the edit was your last … Continue reading Editing For Dummies

Visual Metaphor’s

Metaphor: \met-uh-fawr\ “A thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else” Here at the SDF/SAS we believe in the power of the image. Film, unlike almost any other medium, has the ability to take an idea and express it visually. This is called visual storytelling. This can come across in the composition of a … Continue reading Visual Metaphor’s