This is Why I Became a YWAM Filmmaker

God’s used YWAM and film to make me into a warrior who doesn’t shy away from a good challenge. But instead leans into the storm to take it by thunder.


True Grip: How to Stand Out on an Independent Film Set

Are you a grip on an independent film? It doesn't matter if it's on a short or feature film, an original narrative piece or documentary: being a grip is a incredible job that allows you to be creative and active.

2016 Student Confessionals: Orientation

YWAM Brisbane's film and acting students experience their first week. In this week's episode meet the cast of characters as they talk about their expectations for the School Digital Filmmaking and the School of Acting for the Screen. These episodes are a great resource for anyone thinking of taking the schools because you hear exactly … Continue reading 2016 Student Confessionals: Orientation

Anatomy of the Best Loglines

Knowing where to start in the creative process of writing can be daunting for a first time filmmaker. I know it was for me. I’ve tried building a story around every possible thing imaginable, and I found Blake Snyder’s longline method from his infamous book, Save the Cat, to be the most effective. His argument … Continue reading Anatomy of the Best Loglines

Should “13 Reasons Why” Never Have Been Told?

Written by Charis Jackson. Creatives, how do we know when we’ve stepped over the line creatively? 13 Reasons Why, is one of the most popular shows on Netflix right now, but should we be watching it? Should it have been filmed? Or even created? These are the questions tossing around in my head at the … Continue reading Should “13 Reasons Why” Never Have Been Told?