Why Angelina Is One Of The Most Remarkable People

Angelina Jolie is a great source of inspiration. She knows any success is of no use if not used for the benefit of others.


Gavin Hood – Practical Advice and Inspiration from Eye In The Sky Director

Gavin Hood is climbing the ranks in the film industry, having directed some popular movies with tenacious morale. I first noticed him after watching Eye in the Sky, which is about the disputes of modern warfare. I was thoroughly impressed. I don’t remember the last time I was on the edge of my seat for … Continue reading Gavin Hood – Practical Advice and Inspiration from Eye In The Sky Director

Live Presently, You Must

Written by Keaton Evans. Ask the impossible, Yoda does not. Related directly to acting, this is. How it is I will, er, can show you… ah, forget it. If you are as much of a Star Wars fan as I am, which I guarantee you’re not, you might remember the scenes from The Empire Strikes … Continue reading Live Presently, You Must

Zombie On Set! Don’t Lose Your Mind

written by Hilary Dorst   Not too long ago it was filming week on our school. All the students were busy running around making their short films. They ran on little sleep and a lot of coffee and tea. At 4 am they staggered through the dark on their way to get the equipment to … Continue reading Zombie On Set! Don’t Lose Your Mind

Wigging Out

written by Charis Joy Jackson   Film is hard work. Filled with long days, working under immense pressure & seeing impossible situations become possible.   Working with The Initiative Production Company, I get to be a part of this craziness on a daily basis. We’ve been producing short films and features since 2008. It started … Continue reading Wigging Out