Foiled Again! What’s Foley and How Do I Do It?

I know what you’re thinking What is foley and is there a cream for it? Well I’ve actually been working as quite a tenacious Foley Artist for the past few weeks.


Anatomy of the Best Loglines

Knowing where to start in the creative process of writing can be daunting for a first time filmmaker. I know it was for me. I’ve tried building a story around every possible thing imaginable, and I found Blake Snyder’s longline method from his infamous book, Save the Cat, to be the most effective. His argument … Continue reading Anatomy of the Best Loglines

Keep It Simple- Why Fewer Shots Are Actually More

Written By Greg Garofalo. When creating a shot list or storyboard for a film, I usually find I have a tendency to be extra careful in making sure I have every angle I could possibly need. Often times, my storyboards will consist of four to five different setups in a scene. To me it made … Continue reading Keep It Simple- Why Fewer Shots Are Actually More

How To Use Comic Books To Improve Your Filmmaking

Written by Greg Garofalo. Film is a visual medium, unlike other forms of story everything is told mainly in what isn’t said. The classic rule of thumb is “Show don’t tell.” It’s something you have to get used to when you become a filmmaker. One unconventional way of studying this is by reading comic books. … Continue reading How To Use Comic Books To Improve Your Filmmaking

The Director’s Playbook

Written by Greg Garofalo. It hurts me when film students direct their first film, fail spectacularly and decide directing isn't for them. Now in all fairness, there are many who find a newfound passion in being director of photography, or production design and that’s great. However, there are some who just think they don’t have … Continue reading The Director’s Playbook