Check Your Heart: How Do You Celebrate The Victory Of Others?

Always be on guard against jealousy which can be detrimental to not only your career as actors, but to your heart as well.


Live Presently, You Must

Written by Keaton Evans. Ask the impossible, Yoda does not. Related directly to acting, this is. How it is I will, er, can show you… ah, forget it. If you are as much of a Star Wars fan as I am, which I guarantee you’re not, you might remember the scenes from The Empire Strikes … Continue reading Live Presently, You Must

Hello Ladies!!

Last time we met the most recent male additions to our staff team here at the Initiative Production Company, and this time we get to meet the female additions to our team.   Hailing from all over the world Annette Lange (South Africa), Connor Sassmannshausen (USA), and Stephanie Kirouac (Canada), they all have brought their … Continue reading Hello Ladies!!

Meet Us

Recently We had 6 people, 3 Men and 3 women from all around the world join our team here at the Initiative Production Company so I, Matthew Schmidt, being an inquisitive  people person, thought I would take it upon myself to interview them so you all could get to know them a bit better.   … Continue reading Meet Us