Why Angelina Is One Of The Most Remarkable People

Angelina Jolie is a great source of inspiration. She knows any success is of no use if not used for the benefit of others.


Barkhad Abdi – How to get awards without training

Barkhad Abdi’s journey is a classic example of a rags-to-riches story. He is one of the most fascinating actors and we hope he’ll get plenty more opportunities.

The Actor Every Director Wants

Written by Charis Joy Jackson. As an aspiring actor and part-time director, I’ve always been curious what other directors look for most in the actors they work with. Especially, when I see directors like David O. Russel working with the same cast in several films. Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and Robert De Niro all star … Continue reading The Actor Every Director Wants


written by Annette Lange   The following acting games do not require extensive, if any, preparation or props.  So, whether you want to grow in focus, spontaneity, improve your improvisation skills or just to think of acting exercises on the spot, here is a number of acting games and exercises that will not only be … Continue reading DIY – WORK YOUR ACTING MUSCLES


written by Annette Lange   Movies have the ability to draw me into an imaginary world that makes me want to fight for the characters in it. And it’s especially impressive, when actors are able to create such a believable performance, I don’t even notice acting, but I’m more concerned about the story than anything … Continue reading 5 STEPS TO CAPTIVATE AN AUDIENCE