How To Make Flakey Skin and Blisters

Step 1: Have a look in your cupboard. Step 2: follow these quick and easy instructions. Step 3: become a sfx makeup pro in seconds! It’s simple, do it yourself!


Now That I’ve Killed My Character, How Do I Get the Blood Out?

Uh oh! How to get rid of blood stains when shooting a film?! Here's 4 different creative options.

Rejection’s Like A Bridge. Get Over It.

By Keaton Evans I’m gonna cut to the quick. Rejection sucks. What a revelation, right? Throughout all our life, if we want to go after something or someone, we are going to face rejection. If we have a dream or goal at all, there will be so many times where we can be dismissed by … Continue reading Rejection’s Like A Bridge. Get Over It.