Ever wanted to know if the School of Acting for the Screen is for you? Check out this article written by SAS alumni, Ash Menelaws, about his experience on the school.

“The School of Acting for the Screen (SAS), for me was a life changing experience. It was on this school I found my voice and began to find great confidence. It was beyond challenging and at times overwhelming, but it stirred up a great passion that has taken me far and will yet take me further.

Through the SAS, I learnt the utmost importance of first discovering myself and doing everything whether it was learning lines or late night assignments from that point. And the key to creating and becoming someone else comes from that also.

God stirred up a passion and revealed a great talent for writing. Weekly I’d score highly on the short stories and it made me realise with effort and dedication I can take this much further. And I have. If it weren’t for that experience and being pushed to being better, I wouldn’t have started writing monthly for Australia’s biggest christian magazine.

One of the biggest things I took away from my SAS, is to live in the moment. And just how powerful this is not just for story but for life. SAS is an opportunity to opportunities otherwise unaccessible in life. And to this day is one of the best decisions I have made.”


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