written by Josias Jensen


Two years ago, I was on set taking a brief break from a scene. I was staring into the beautiful blend of colors from the sunset and a thunderstorm looming in the distance. The weather somehow managed to reflect what was going on in my mind. It was both filled with the deepest peace and yet also deep anger.


The peace was my own, the anger wasn’t.


The character I was playing was an abusive man in an unhealthy relationship. Throughout the short film the character acts in great anger and frustration, resorting to violence towards his girlfriend.


“Every character you play and every story you get to tell can be to the praise of our maker, it can also be a sincere prayer of reconciliation.”


Although I wouldn’t describe myself as a method actor, playing this character touched me deeply.


As part of my research for the part, I read about the common characteristics of people who resort to physical abuse. I came to believe that at the heart of most abusive relationships is a person who is desperately afraid of not being in control of his or her own destiny. They manifest their desire to be in control via. physical abuse.


These people are broken and in desperate need of healing.


Playing an abusive man made me understand abusive people better, and my heart started aching for them more than it had in the past. Physical abuse is inexcusable, but these people are in need of help just as much as their victims.

A photo by Rosalind Chang. unsplash.com/photos/qtIsUwoP94s

Through this process, God was giving me more of a heart for people who resort to physical abuse. I started praying for these people and I realized that in a sense, by portraying this character I got to pray for men and women who struggle with abuse.


It occurred to me that the acting process can be a form of intercession, prayer and standing in the gap.


Through the process I got to not only bring awareness to the issue, I also got to impact God’s kingdom in the spiritual realm.


Every character you play and every story you get to tell can be to the praise of our maker, it can also be a sincere prayer of reconciliation.


In your research you get to learn about the world around you that he so loves and wants to reconcile. In your acting you get to step into the shoes of the people God loves and feel the pain and joy they go through.


God’s plan has always been to reconcile all of creation to himself, and we get to do it through film making and acting. I challenge you to let your expression as an artist to be a sincere prayer.


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