By Keaton Evans 

Last year I was apart of the School of Acting for the Screen (SAS) with YWAM in Brisbane. It was a time where I grew in the art and I learned a great chunk of what it means to be an actor in the industry.

The months of the school were some of the greatest months of my life, and the amount of doors it opened up was incredible. I learned about the different acting styles and all the different techniques. One of my favourite parts of the school was getting to act in the short films that the filmmakers had made on the school.

The acting school had so many different learning aspects to it as well. It was hands on, and instructional, theoretical and practical all at the same time. A lot of the acting lessons I learned in the school also helped me in daily life.


Learning things like discipline, integrity, and creativity have been such a benefit to other areas of my life. The practice of using our imagination was also such an incredible experience. We got to make stories and be apart of the stories that other students had made.

The teachers that we had were also exceptional. Each week we had a new teacher, each with their own unique lessons and way of teaching.

One of the best things about the acting school and filmmaking school is that they not only prepare you for the film industry, but they also stir in you a deep passion and excitement for the art.

Each school is designed to set you up for success, giving you the tools, information, and experience you need to make it in the business.

Amber Joy Smith was one of the many former SAS graduates who starred in movie “The Umbrella”. This opportunity was made possible by the school.


The film itself is a great story about a man who lives in a world where he must let go of an umbrella, one that represents his comfort zone. The movie explores what that journey looks like in an artistically realistic way.

I have the immense privilege to announce that the Initiative Production Company is releasing “The Umbrella” in the United States on the 12th of August at 7 pm EST.!!

The site you can access the film on is and you will need to sign-up if you are not already a member. I recommend this movie for all to see. You don’t want to miss this great story!


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